Hallo. We’re Formo.

We are a double-decker bus of science love and fromage fetishism. It’s our mission to make mouth-watering dairy products and reimagine our food system.

Forged on Mount Fondue.

Fondue, Federer and Formo founder Raffa share a homeland, Switzerland.

It was here in 2012, after a stubby lifetime’s worth of Swiss cheese and Brazilian barbecues (he’s half Brasileiro, you see) Raffa felt that pinch and decided to go vegan.

Seven years on in Berlin, home of hedonism and dubious dreams, Raffa had an idea: use cheese and science to counter a world on fire. The goal? Not mimicking cheese, but recreating it, molecules upwards – coaxing microorganisms into the dairy of the future.

Times have changed since 2019, back when half the team were microorganisms. Formo is now 80+ strong employees from over 20 countries, working across our labs and offices in Frankfurt & Berlin.

Here’s the gang

Kai nolte

Fave cheese: Gruyère

Aysha Karlina

Fave cheese: Gouda

Andrea Annibal

Fave cheese: Fontina

Sara paolini

Fave cheese: Alta Badia


Setting up our microorganisms to produce protein on a scale that can compete with industrial dairy.

Blending frontier science with artisanal cheesemaking techniques.

Filling post-it notes and conference halls with zany ideas about how and for whom we craft our food system.

We are always looking for brilliant and beautiful minds to join our mission. Stargazers, rainmakers and tree-shakers, check our vacancies!


Who is Formo?

We’re Formo. We were founded in 2019 by Raffa and Britta, when we used to be called Legendairy. It’s our mission to create a better planet through sustainable food, realising the beauty and potential of science with purpose.

Who’s invested in Formo?

We didn’t have money to research how to make cheese with microorganisms by ourselves. We therefore sought investors who believed the world would be a better place with animal-free dairy in it. We found some. They include EQT, Agronomics, Good Seed Ventures, Grazia Equity, M Ventures, Elevat3 Capital, Stray Dog Capital, CPT Capital, Lionheart Ventures, Happiness Capital, and Albert Wenger.

What does Formo mean?

Because we take things seriously, the word Formo comes from Latin. It means ‘I form’ or ‘I mould’ and is incidentally the root of the word fromage.