Why rethink, remake, reform cheese?

This Thing called earth.

We live on Earth at a time known as the Holocene. A time when atmospheric conditions have created the most beautiful balance of biodiversity ever known. Right now though, we literally consume our planetary boundaries.

Food is in the middle of it all. It causes 1/3 of all global emissions, chugs away 70% of our annual freshwater, and has simply zero respect for our dear momma nature.

The system needs rebooting.

The promise of
animal-free dairy

Cheese is good, but dairy is bad — very bad, in fact — not just for your cholesterol levels but also for our dear environment. Our mission is to change that fully and without forcing people to compromise on the foods they adore.

The numbers show what’s good:


less Emissions


of the Land


less water




more efficient

* all figures compared to conventional dairy.

New Stuff is
Not Enough

Radical system change requires a diversity of guiding ideas.
At Formo we:

Listen to nature

See that technology is no substitute for the generosity of nature and the wisdom of those who know it best. We pursue circularity, humility and respect in everything we do.

Recognise the power

Know that all of us have the power to make decisions every day to shift momentum towards a better, more sustainable planet.

Look to the future

Believe in the potential of bright minds and brilliant technology to fuel a better, more sustainable food system.

Lead with love

Craft everything around experiences and traditions people love, knowing this to be the basis of lasting, empowering change.