Evolution or Revolution?

Is it time for evolution or revolution? (and why we look so fresh)

When you ask society to reimagine how it nourishes itself, the urge might be to think of yourself as a revolutionary. Breasts bared, flag waving, leading the charge towards a brighter, better world. Sounds cool and that’s certainly the bit that gets investor tails wagging.

But taking the time to think things through, it feels clear that in the context of food, nothing new can be achieved without both closely tracing the ridges of how we make food or honouring the rituals of how we eat it.

Fermentation is the biological ballast that we do our building on, the microbe driven transformation of fuels and food that has opened up palatable and preservable possibilities for humanity since millennia. It’s not just plants and animals we’ve asked to help nourish us since we sloped out of the woods all those years ago, but invisible microorganisms too.

As we reflect all the jobs civilisation has outsourced and systematised to animals, plants and microorganisms across the last few thousand years… it’s then we see how new steps and arrangements are simply the next chapter of foods evolutionary unfolding.

With the possibility to twist the Rubiks cube, Formo asks that microorganisms, through the power of precision fermentation, take on some of the load that now falls increasingly heavily on the backs of animals.

We’re not building something neon and otherworldly, but building with foundations laid for millennia, age-old traditions and relationships, serving both our most ancient human wishes, while reflecting, too, the new reality of feeding humanity. Formo is not in the business of revolutions or overthrow, Formo is in the business of overdue next steps.

So, what of our new look, then? Well, we saw a need for evolution here too. We wanted to evolve in a way that captures both the newness of precision-fermentation made foods, while clearly tracing through the roots to our heritage and the cultural giants on whose shoulders we stand. We are a company with unbending appreciation of our collective history, a belly full of zeal, and with some new tricks up our sleeve.

We’re harking back and looking forwards, getting ready to evolve our relationship with food one step further, swapping out a system of animal rearing for a system of microorganism rearing. The time is ripe, and while our new wardrobe is nice, we’d ask that you just wait til dinner before getting too excited.

Looking forwards to hosting you,