CHeese like you’ve never always known

This is no terrible tofu vegan cheese affair.

Using real proteins and traditional cheese-making techniques, we create products with the same taste, texture and nutrition as traditional dairy.

Along with the world’s first animal-free Michelin starred chef, our team of cheese champs is working on bringing you the goods in no time.

Coming soon to a cheeseboard near you:

Le Kreuzberg

  • delicate
  • crisp
  • Creamy

High-altitude creaminess and pillowy softness, Le Kreuzberg reclines on grilled potatoes, crusty bread, quiches or is added to the washing machine for extra snugness.


  • tangy
  • profound
  • salted

White slabbed marble, this brined cheese caresses summer salads into pastures set between lightness and decadence. Bubbles under oven flames and licks at herbs and grilled vegetables.


  • layered
  • nutty
  • satiating

Condescending, nutty and rich, Charlottenbourg is a European breakaway movement waiting to happen. Provokes instability on cheeseboards, crackers and decadent sandwiches. 


  • Bold
  • Pungent
  • Hedonistic

Frankoforte delivers strong flavours you’d be scared to arm wrestle. Veined, powerful and gluttonous. Stay polite and, just to be safe, bring a knife.


  • smooth
  • bright
  • Creamy

Hedonism unchained. This bagel caressing, pasta suffusing, cheesecake loading cream cheese is proof that optimism belongs to everyone and desire is nothing to shy from.

The time is ripe!

Ciao Cow.


Is Formo’s cheese suitable for vegans?

Well, people do the vegan thing for a variety of reasons: health, ethics, environment, social-media standing, etc.

For animal-product avoiders though, our cheese is 100% animal-free. Also absent: lactose, hormones, antibiotics.

Nice one.

What does precision fermented cheese taste like?

We had the grand idea to make our animal-free cheese taste exactly like cheese.

The proteins our microorganisms make have the same functionality as cow-produced proteins so it’s indistinguishable from the OG stuff. Layer our European cheese heritage on top, and we have some pretty special fromage.

When can I taste Formo’s cheese?

2023, baby. You can find out the juicy when/where/how details by following us on social media.

I’m lactose intolerant, can I eat Formo’s cheese?

Oosh, sucks. Good news though – our products are lactose free.