A Note From our Founders

Over the past two years, you may have known us as LegenDairy Foods, a biotechnology company who uses precision fermentation to create sustainable dairy products from microorganisms.

But from today you’ll be seeing a different side to us — a new name, a beautiful logo, mouthwatering imagery — because today marks the start of the exciting next chapter in our story.

We’re now Formo — the future dairy from Berlin.

”Formo, why the change?”

As a team, we have always shared an amazing ambition and understanding of what we want to achieve — to bring irresistible change to the food system; to create sustainable products people will fall in love with; to marry our belief in great science to solve important problems, with our insatiable appetites — but to create the change we desire, we have to be able to share that vision as clearly and confidently outwards as inwards.

We want cheese-lovers everywhere to champion what we’re trying to do, to become a part of our cause.

...confronting ourselves as a team to shape a new shared narrative which embodies the spirit and strategy of the business.

The rebranding process is about more than just picking new fonts: it has been about re-engaging with the essence of who we truly are; why we’re here; what bonds us so closely together; and what that means for finding our own place in the world.

For the last few months we’ve been working as a team with creative studio forpeople in Amsterdam to reach the sharp end of these questions.

It has meant grappling and dissecting; tough conversations and tougher decisions; confronting ourselves as a team to shape a new shared narrative which embodies the spirit and strategy of the business. 

We’ve set ourselves a mission: to bring the future of food to life through science, cheese, and conversation. 

It’s our goal to bring about much-needed change in a food system out-of-balance; to champion new approaches to making delicious dairy products through a mix of science and tradition; and to involve people everywhere in the question of “what should our food system look like going forward?”

We made sense of the behaviours we all share, which guide how we act as a team and as individuals (from choosing a name, to choosing a flask!), these are the DNA of Formo:

We Live the Scienceembracing the positive possibilities of scientific practice and advanced technology in dairy.

We Remix the Heritage finding new ways to celebrate the tradition of millenia of cheese-makers.

We Show Love to The Worlddemonstrating best practice in responsible food-making and business practices.

We Evolve Without Fear challenging convention and approaching the future with courage and confidence.

The challenge then became to create a kit of parts which helped us to express this DNA with clarity and poise, each element measured and tested against these ideas.

Take our name, Formo, for example: It’s the latin translation of ‘i mold, i form’.

When the Romans expanded their connections in Europe and beyond, their soft caseus didn’t travel well, so they set about innovating to create a new format of cheese which would hold its taste and flavour. They called this new cheese formaticum — meaning formed.

To us, the name Formo represents the millennia of cheese-making heritage, the science of dairy innovation, sharing and demonstrating ideas to the world, and boldly pushing into new territory.

We carried this DNA throughout every detail of our visual identity, mixing ideas of science and tradition with honesty and courage.

Our stamps are riffs on the artisan markings on Parmigiano-Reggiano wheels; our colours are derived from different blends of cheese, and lab microscopy; our photography looks to accentuate the excitement of scientific discovery, as well as the creamy indulgence of beautiful animal-free dairy.

So yes, you might see us looking a little different — moving around Berlin with our black jumpers promising a mellow, creamy, oozing, crumbling future of animal-free dairy — but for us the rebrand means reconnecting to who we were all along , and giving ourselves the best footing to take the next big step in the Formo journey.

We can’t wait to share it with you.

Raffa & Britta