We're Formo, the future dairy from Berlin. We're here to bring the future of food to life through science, cheese, and conversation.
Raffael Wohlgensinger
Co-Founder & CEO
Roman Plewka
Dr. Javier Romero
Head of Innovation
Dr. Sandra Wilde
Head of Food Science
Dr. Joshua Livermore
Senior Bioprocess Engineer
Dr. Florian Hamann
Senior Scientist Protein Processing
Dr. Bastian Jöhnk
Senior Strain Developer
Gilda Lukacs
Business Development Analyst
Oscar Zollman-Thomas
Business Analyst
Irene Barba Cobos
Food Product Developer
Alex Westphal
Food Technologist
Joscha Eckold
Food Technologist
David Paffen
Scientist Bioprocess Development
Lakis Sauerborn
Technical Assistant
We’re here because we truly believe that science, technology and food belong together like cheese and crackers. We know that by bringing them together we can make real cheese with none of the downsides.

Stretch imagination.
Culture ideas.