A New Way of Making Dairy.

Perceptions, Naming, and Implications.

The science is ready to create real dairy without animals, but are consumers ready? New research by Formo, Mercy For Animals & Fordham University explores the potential and pitfalls of introducing a new class of products to the world.


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The report by Oscar Zollman Thomas (Formo), Courtney Dillard (Mercy For Animals) and Prof. Garrett Broad (Fordham University) examines how first wave consumers will understand, assess and embrace this new class of products, as well as how to incorporate these findings into the actions of startups, policymakers and animal advocates going forward.

Based on interviews with over 40 consumers from 4 different countries, the report explores:

  • Preferred Nomenclature
  • How different framings affected enthusiasm
  • How confusion, uncertainty and pushback arose
  • How new products connect to the animal-welfare movement
  • How startups, animal-advocates and academia can take these findings forward

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