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of dairy

Using microorganisms instead of animals to produce the cheese humans love.

This time

Ten thousand years ago some strange, strange humans started milking cows. When they realised that fermenty organisms transformed milk, they had discovered cheese.

Back in the present, dairy is industrialised and we’re straining our planet. Today, the strange humans of Formo are putting microorganisms back into centre frame, giving our love of cheese a fresh new lease of life. This time: animal-free.

Breaking up with industrial dairy

Right now, 1.5 billion cows power our meat and dairy desires, burping out a fat 10% of global greenhouse gases as they go. Udders and planetary boundaries are at the limit, and the demand for animal protein will double by 2050.

It’s time for a rethink.

To keep our fondues gooey, forests healthy, cheese boards stinky and climate stable, it’s time to dump industrial dairy and start the path to a better food system.

Meet the

Our oldest microorganism pals help us make beer and bread through fermentation. By rewiring the DNA of these microorganisms, we get them to produce proteins both functionally and physically identical to those we know and love today.

By milKing the teeny uddErs of microorganisms* we can:

  • Skewer the 4% of global greenhouse gases caused by dairy production
  • Stop chopping down forests for livestock and their feed
  • Enjoy healthier, cleaner dairy
  • Free some disillusioned cows from the Mootrix

* Microorganisms do not actually have teeny udders.

Meet the

Formo is a team of the smartest, greatest weirdos we know, stretching and stinking with
a passion for change. We use our science, smarts and voice to create a better food system for all of the things on Earth.

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